Xp Lab is the leader in the development of fuel and biofuel treatments and additives, grease and lubricants, cleaners, anticorrosive coatings, and other products. We apply the highest quality cutting edge technology in the investigation and manufacture of all of our products.

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Fuel Treatments

Fuel is a natural product that even after being refined, still needs additional help to make it efficient to use in today’s motors and machines. How much improvement is needed depends on the origin of the fuel, equipment that will use it, and where it is being used. Our fuel treatments can help reduce fuel consumption, maintain fuel injectors clean, stabilize light and heavy oils, disperse existing water, greatly reduce fumes and emissions, has a detergent and antioxidant effect, work as an effective biocide, improve the pour point, reduce the corrosion problems generated during and after combustion, reduce maintenance costs, prolong the life of the machine, and increase the fuel’s lubricity for fuels low (LSD) and ultra-low (ULSD) in sulfur fuels.

Xp³ fuel treatments not only clean up problems that already exist in your engine, but prevent any further issues from forming.

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Fuel Markers

In addition to our multifunctional fuel treatments, Xp Lab has developed a highly sophisticated an unalterable invisible marker (ID) and a color fuel marker, both of which can be used to detect if fuel alterations occurred during transit or storage. The Xp³ unalterable invisible marker (ID) will allow you to detect in one minute or less if the fuel has been altered with.

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Grease and Lubricants

There are countless number of greases and lubricants in the world today, and they all are designed to reduce the wear and tear on metal parts when they come in contact with each other. Therefore Xp Lab only manufactures highly specialized grease and lubricants.

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Anticorrosive Treatments

Metal plates and cables require complicated treatments to cure and make sure corrosion does not destroy or damage metal surfaces and parts. A highly effective rust/corrosion control coating was developed by Xp Lab to provide penetration, wetting, and sealing of subsurface and surfaces which are exposed to extremely severe chemical and physical environments.

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Other Products

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