Antifreeze/Coolant Premium

Xp³FZ: Heavy-duty Antifreeze

Xp Lab’s Heavy-duty Antifreeze Xp³FZ is a premium quality antifreeze, which is designed for use in heavy duty diesel engines, and automobile/light duty applications.


  • It contains a chemical inhibitor system, which is Borate Based, with Nitrite to protect diesel engines from liner pitting and corrosion.
  • It is low in silicate
  • It contains a full charge of heavy-duty chemical inhibitors, compatible with SCA chemical filters
  • Formulated with Borate/Nitrite chemistry are recommended for use in Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and other heavy-duty diesel engines.
  • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the following specifications, and meets the low silicate limits of GM 6038M.

ASTM D-6210                   Cummins S/B 3666132                   Navistar B-1

ASTM D-3306                   Cummins 14603                               Freightliner 48-22880

ASTM D-4985                   Caterpillar                                         Chrysler MS 7170 (A&B 1-4)

ASTM D-4340                   Detroit Diesel 7SE298                     Volvo GM

SAE 1941                           John Deere 8650-5                          John Deere H24A1

PACCAR                             MTU                                                   John Deere H24C1

GM 1825                            Case Corp.                                         MS1710 MACK

GM 1899                            Ford New Holland 9-86                  EMD M.I. 1748E

TMC RP 329                      Thermo-King                                    Waukesha 4-1974D



Test 100% Xp3FZ 50/50 Xp3FZ
Color Visual Green Green
Specific Gravity, 60 F D 1122 1.12 1.071
Pounds per Gallon, 60F ——- 9.344 8.935
pH (Undiluted) D 1287 10.5 10.5
Reserve Alkalinity (Undiluted) D 1121 6 2.8 min.
Freeze Point, F (Undiluted) D 1177 8 max. -34 max.
Boiling Point, F (Undiluted) D 1120 325 min. 226 min.
Water, wt% (Approx.) D 1123 3 48.5
Total Glycol, wt % ——– 95.0 min. 51.0 min.
Glassware Corrosion Test D 1384 Pass Pass
Water Pump Cavitation Test D 2809 Pass Pass
Aluminum Corrosion Test D 4340 Pass Pass
Simulated Service Test D 2570 Pass Pass