Gear Box Oil Additive with Antifriction

Xp³AF-GT:  Gear Box Oil Additive with Antifriction

The Xp³AF-GT additive is a state of the art oil additive package formulated to treat gear boxes that are using mineral or synthetic gear oils.

It has been formulated with a carefully balanced combination of the three most effective lubricating additives available on the market today. Our modern high speed manufacturing process allows these three additives, coupled with special conditioners, and other high performance chemicals, to be permanently suspended in a super concentrated, highly refined synthetic base lubricant.


  • Increased lubricity from penetrating metallic components
  • Wear reduction
  • Friction reduction
  • Affinity for metal surfaces
  • Longer bearing, gear and ring life
  • Much easier starting
  • Decrease in oil consumption
  • Greater energy economy
  • Quieter overall operation
  • High performance friction-reducing additives
  • Less wear and optimize gear box efficiency.
  • Special rust inhibitors retard the attack of gear box contaminants
  • Increased equipment life.
  • Will wet-out dried up seals and gaskets which will aid in reducing gear box leakage.


For use in cars, trucks, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, and other equipment


A one-liter bottle of Xp³AF-GT will adequately treat any gear box up to a 20 liter capacity. Larger gear boxes should use a treat level equal to 5 – 10% of Xp³AF-GT to the entire gear oil capacity of the system.


Flash Point D92 207°C
Specific Gravity @ a 15°C D4052 0.92 – 0.98
Viscosity @ 40°C D445 325 – 375 cSt
Volatile Fraction (V°) 0
Solubility in Water No