Diesel with Color Marker

Xp³D-K:  Fuel Enhancer for Diesel and Fuel Oils with a Color Marker

Xp³D-K is the only multi-functional fuel enhancer with color marker in the market. It contains a color marker and was developed to improve diesel and fuel oils (from #2 to #6). Xp³D-K is a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds. It does not contain any aromatics or naphtha. Xp³D-K is 100% biodegradable and does not contain alcohol.


  • Marks the fuel with our unalterable color marker, which allows you to detect if the fuel has been tampered with
  • Increases the fuel’s lubricity for fuels low (LSD) and ultra-low (ULSD) in sulfur
  • Reduces fuel consumption 
  • Stabilizes light and heavy oils
  • Disperses the existing water in the fuel
  • Reduces fumes and emissions
  • Detergent and antioxidant effect
  • Effective biocide
  • Improves the pour point
  • Reduces the corrosion problems generated during and after combustion
  • Reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life of the machine
  • Reduces the consumption of the liquid DEF, used in the new catalyzer (SCR)


Auto transport
Ships and Boats
Power plants
Industrial plants
Agricultural Equipment


Add 1 (one) part of Xp³D-K for each 4,000 parts of fuel


Flash Point:                                          65.5° C / 150° F
Boiling Point:                                       171° C / 340° F
Freezing Point:                                    – 84° C / – 120° F
Specific Gravity:                                  0.897 @ 25/25° C
Solubility in Water:                             Infinitely @ 25° C
Vapor Density (air =1)                         4.10
Viscosity at 20° C (68° F)                   6.4 mPa.s or cP