Cable Lubricant Coating

Xp³CL:  Cable Lubricant with Antifriction Treatment

Xp³CL is a lubricant coating with antifriction treatment for all kinds of metal cables exposed to humidity, tension or bend. Its rapid penetration treats every strand down to the core.


  • Highly resistant to rust, wear and extreme pressure
  • Penetrates deeply to lubricate the center of the cable
  • Superior deep penetrating power
  • Dust particles and other contaminants have very little or no adherence.
  • Keeps the original properties under the sea
  • It works perfect on ships, ports, etc.
  • Extends cable life expectancy
  • Easy to apply
  • It does not run
  • It does not damage plastics or rubber
  • Reduces friction and has a high load resistance


Is a must for all operations using steel cables, such as: harbor installations, cranes, elevators, traveling cranes, ships, etc.


Use in proportions of approximately 1% of the cable weight. (Ex: 1 ltr of Xp³CL for each 100 kg of cable).

To apply, use an oilcan, a brush, an atomizer or simply dip the cable into the product.  To get a better result, clean the cable with a solvent before applying.


Flash Point Liquid D56 74°C / 165°F
Flash Point Dry D56 232°C / 450°F
Pour Point D97 < -50°C / -58°F
Salt Spray 5% 60+ days   Approved
Humid Cabinet Test 60+ days   Approved
Rust Prevention Characteristics D665  
Distilled Water (A)   Approved
Distilled Water (B)   Approved
Viscosity @ 40°C D445 7 – 10 c.St
Corrosion Copper Strip D130 1b