Our Clients


For more than two decades and in over 25 countries in the world, thousands of corporate and individual consumers have successfully used our products. Our clients range from oil companies that use our products to improve their fuel efficiency, fluidity, lubricity, cetane boost, ID protection and more, to individuals who used our products to improve and maintain the efficiency in their own personal vehicles.

Our clients are as varied as the number of possible consumers of fuels and industries that exist. Amongst them are:


Armed Forces/Military Transport vehicles, personal transporters, generators, service and supply trucks
Agricultural Tractors, combines, harvesters, sprayers, skid loaders, silage baggers, furnaces and boilers
Cement Furnaces and boilers, heavy machinery, transport, conveyor belts, cooling systems
Construction Wheel loaders, road graders, pavers, backhoe loaders, excavators, haul trucks, compactors, road rollers, scrapers, rough terrain forklifts, trenchers, drills, bulldozer, cranes, electric and fuel powered generators
Food and Drink  Furnaces, transport and delivery trucks, furnaces, conveyor belts, freezers
Forestry Freight forwarders, skidders, loaders, yard forklifts, harvesters, fellers, tractors, trucks, furnaces, boilers and sawing equipment
Freight Shipping Trucks and their maintenance
Hotel  Boilers and maintenance
Industrial and Commercial Laundry Boilers
Mining Service trucks, loaders, scrapers, load haul dumps (LHD’s), haul trucks, personnel transports, bolters, scalers, perforation machines, generators and boilers
Marine Straddle carriers, ocean freighters, deck winches, loaders, bow thrusters, dock cranes, ships, towboats, dredging, fishing, speed boats, and wave runners
Oil Perforation and Refining Generators, boilers, motors, pumps, and fuel treatment
Ports Cranes, container handlers, and forklifts
Recreational Motor homes, motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and off-road
Refrigeration Motors, generator, and anticorrosive treatments and coatings
Steel Furnaces and boilers, heavy machinery, transporters, conveyor belts, cooling systems
Textiles Boilers
Trains Locomotives, railcars, platform cranes, grinders, winch applications, ballast equipment, track layers, all machinery and its maintenance
Transport: Personal Gasoline/diesel vehicles and motorcycles
Transport: Public Buses, trucks and their maintenance